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Unknown Quantities
Edition 1

Art & Design, Politics & Architecture

From the Editors

There is that wonderful moment before beginning a meaty new novel, when the crisp pages beg to be thumbed, to become dog-eared. Obscure characters, their psychologies and dramas are sustained in embryonic balance. The cover suggests, the blurb invites, but the book remains an unknown quantity, slowly revealing itself with every turn of the page. We have tried to capture that leisurely joy of reading, and to apply it to the increasingly fast-paced arenas of cultural criticism and graphic design. In our times of pithy reflections in 140 characters, trolling commenters and uncaptioned visual blogs, we invite you to slow down a little bit.

This journal not only brings together culture and design, but also presents a series of articles and features that are best enjoyed on the page, designed to surprise and delight with each subsequent perusal. We wanted to think across the visual and the textual, tracking ideas and images through different locations where creative, innovative and critical thinking take place.

This first issue of Unknown Quantities explores themes of regeneration, gentrification, interdisciplinarity and collaboration, especially across art and science. We welcome you to it.


Charlotte Brooks Jen Ideh Amy Tabarly Melanie Weaver Eujung Ahn Kyung-Hee Baek Sukmin Ji Chi Nguyen Sitao Qiu Apolline Saillard


Sharing is Caring Antonia de la Hera & Own Lacey Boss Men Sharing is Caring Composing Siobhan Davies Nick Kimberly Composing Siobhan Davies Odours Give Voice to the Silence Apolline Saillard Odours Give Voice to the Silence The Semi-Divine Cooper Gage The Semi-Divine AXNS Collective Curated Space Interdisciplinarity Dan Callwood Polarities of Practice Rob Kesseler Polarities of Practice On King's Cross Ella Wearing On King's Cross King's Cross Walks Sara Dimmitt King's Cross Walks Spatial Stories Chi Nguyen Spatial Stories Through the Glass Window Melissa Fielding Through the Glass Window Storyboarding: Tools For Public Engagement Ryo Terui Storyboarding: Tools For Public Engagement A Place for You and Me Rudy Leenders

Images (above): Antonio de la Hera, Sean Hudson, Apolline Saillard, Sarah Kathleen Page, Cooper Gage, Jon Adams, Tamiko Thiel, Jon Sarkin, Rob Kesseler, Ella Wearing, Sara Dimmitt, Chi Nguyen, Melissa Fielding, Alcan Industries Ltd


With thanks

Phil Baines, Roy Killen, Richie Manu, Rebecca Ross, Judy Willcocks, Caroline Woodley, Rebecca Wright, Sam Ashby, Alison Green, Nick Kimberley, Andrea Lioy