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Unknown Quantities
Edition 3


From the Editors


conforming to a standard: usual, typical or expected.

Related words: routine, order, regularity, natural, regular, routine, traditional, typical, average, accustomed, conventional, customary, run-of-the-mill, unexceptional, sanity

This third issue of Unknown Quantities places an often-overlooked concept in the foreground. Although it remains difficult to define or quantify, it simultaneously governs the ways in which we perceive our environment, those around us and our selves.

This issue presents a selection of testimonies and interviews from ten individuals across the globe, from Turkey to the United States. Their perspectives highlight the subjective nature of the term, the fluidity of its definition and the grounding it has in different fields of study, from photography to child psychology and poetry. The questions we proposed to our interviewees sought no right or wrong answer, nor did we expect them to provide a fixed conclusion. Instead we hope it will provoke a debate about a term that habitually passes us by silently.


Yonca Keremoğlu Louise Laage Toft Leila Mehulić Alexandra Hale Camille Rodrigues Aude Rouaux Shuruti Vengatesh


You could see me as some kind of normality guardian Catherine H Jensen Just a plain flat plateau Erbil Sivaslioglu The whole notion of being normal is highly overrated Andres Serrano I am one of many in the audience, the grey mass Max Martinussen Those afraid of tomorrow should skip it Dragan Gortan Portfolio Valerio Vincenzo Portfolio Portfolio Chris Dobrowolski Portfolio Portfolio Andres Serrano Portfolio Portfolio Davor Rostuhar Portfolio We need a paradigm shift in thinking about humanity Simon Hollington The media could strongly modify our brain Valerio Vincenzo As if someone has distorted your settings Esme Madra I don't see anything normal in this modern secular life Jeremy Brown The era of explaining the world is over Davor Rostuhar

Images (above): Valerio Vincenzo, Chris Dobrowolski, Andres Serrano, Davor Rostuhar


With thanks

Sam Ashby, Phil Baines, Alison Green, Nick Kimberley, Christian Küsters, Rebecca Ross, Joshua Trees