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Unknown Quantities
Edition 4


From the Editors

For the fourth issue of Unknown Quantities, our team of ten women, came to our theme – *intimacy* – through our collective passion for “intimate” texts, the type of writing that reveals personal and hidden parts of human existence. As with the previous issues of UQ, we have translated and transformed an abstract concept into a physical form – a publication filled with words and images.

We have collected a multitude of voices to express the difficulty in grasping a universal understanding of intimacy in today’s context. Each contributor approached the topic in their own way, bringing their own understanding of intimacy to our shared journey. It asks us to reflect on how we connect with one another.

The essays, poems and artworks are in an ongoing conversation with each other and also with you, the reader. Writing and reading are a collaboration, intrinsically connecting one stranger to another through an imaginary exchange, which lies within the words on a page. Writing has mostly remained a solitary and private practice while reading is a constant re-appropriation of meaning.

We have constructed a narrative that we consider challenging, intuitive and emotional. Maybe you will recognise yourself in some of the works or perhaps your vision is entirely different. These are open pages, an invitation to read and think with us.


Fiona Abades Barclay Mina Barcelo Chine Kathryn Basterfield Ximeng Chen Ana De Saracho Hernández-Ros Emma King Alexandra Sazonova Chloe Ting Catalina Velásquez González Mio Yokota


undress Nick Way untitled Andrew McMillan Dear Diary Sophie Helf Dear Diary Don't you post? Elena Silvela /ΛndIfΛInd/ 2.0 Juan Covelli /ΛndIfΛInd/ 2.0 I'm a lover Jowita Bydlowska Nowa Huta George Downing Nowa Huta Interview Wang Gongxin and Lin Tianmiao Tenderly on a tender surface Vera Pavlova Young Love Laura Pannack Young Love Notes on Friendship Celine Conderelli Reading into UQ's Diary Felix Guth Towards a Linguistic Embrace Ophelia Stimpson Here Lies "Helmut Lang" (1986–2005) Audrey Thomas-Hayes Closeness: Agnes Martin's Methods of Art-making Sharon Phelps Closeness: Agnes Martin's Methods of Art-making Into the Swims — or She's Leaving Home One thing after another Martyn Crucefix Here is An Illusion of Choice. We've Made it Very Pretty for You Amy Key Wisdom & Folly — a Short Allegory Timi Oladeji Nightfall Rob Foxcroft Reveal: Intimate Limits

Sophie Helf, Juan Covelli, George Downing, Laura Pannack, Sharon Phelps, Yasmmina Aoun, Michelle Mildenberg, Hyunjung (JJ) Noh


With thanks

Phil Baines, Stephen Barrett, Alison Green, Nick Kimberley, Devina Kumar, Rebecca Ross, Asa Taulbut and the HTH Art Centre, Jack Thomas Taylor, Joshua Trees, Arthur Stitt