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Unknown Quantities
Edition 5


From the Editors

The ever-increasing closeness and connectedness between individuals that can be achieved in our present time seems, rather paradoxically, to contrast with the emergence of a sequence of dystopian political perspectives. Now that capital and information are flowing and transcending national boundaries, different areas (of action, movement, thought) merge into one another. But the blurring of distinctions still appears to prompt a violent fear. Projects to construct inviolable borders, together with the rising popularity of far-right and authoritarian parties, governments and organisations, are some of the issues that make us aware of the urgency to speak – and write – about what is occurring beyond the centre of our gaze.

For UQ5 the team decided to critically investigate the implications of the word “peripheral” in the current artistic, cultural, social and political scenario. Thinking and rethinking the way we conceived "peripheral", and its genesis in Western thought, as evidenced by several contributions, have informed our method and our attitude toward the very act of editing and designing a printed publication. UQ5 wanted to interpret it through the duality of its character, as a publication is indeed a record but can also function as a platform. "Peripheral" underwent a slow mutation from being our subject to becoming our direction. Throughout the development of this project, it has constituted the foundation that prompted us to create a new, different frame for envisioning the world.

In a time when division and inequality still affect the production of knowledge, art and academia, we feel we are responsible for activating a discussion that considers what is off-centre and what we may be failing to understand.


Savannah Bader Francesca Brizzi Bina Bukva Bo-Nian Chen Mátyás Czél Veronica Gisondi Lucy Maria Erin Meisenzahl-Peace Yolanda Su Veronika Železnaja


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Images (above): Susanne Krieman, Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop/Ali Bosworth/Máté Jáger, Jacyln Wright, Jacobo Galan Padin, Michaela Lakova


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