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Unknown Quantities
Edition 6

Space, Place

From the Editors

The sixth issue of Unknown Quantities focuses on the theme of space and place, examining the duality of the two notions in relation to each other, taking into account geographer Yi-Fu Tuan's observation that "place is security, space is freedom: we are attached to the one and long for the other". We as editors have relied on this premise as a starting point to gather a collection of written and visual works from a wide range of contributors. Through the lens of their respective practices, the contributors raise social and political concerns as well as critical ideas about perceptions, culture and identity regarding space and place.

Our understanding of these concepts focuses on the transient position of the self within the local and global environments. We invite you to get lost in the following pages, explore these ideas and find your own relationship to space and place.


Julia Gros Hannah Kelly Romina Krosnyak Marion Magrangeas Jacqueline O'Connell Laura Smith Lucija Šutej Santiago Rodríguez Simer Dhingra


A Blue Frontier Hannah Kelly A Blue Frontier Negatives Giovanna Del Sarto Negatives Life in a Permanently Temporary Palace Märta Terne Life in a Permanently Temporary Palace The Legal Status of Ice Irene Stracuzzi Slanted House Space: context and content David Vélez Rodriguez & Felipe Rodríguez Gómez Space: context and content Topo(lò)philia Janja Šušnjar Topo(lò)philia Adrift, Ascent Jeremy Geddes Adrift, Ascent DONG. (Ab)normal DONG. An Instrument of Sight Oliver Redmond Mumbai v New York Nisha Sondhe Mumbai v New York Place, Space, Communication – Power of Art and Political Protest Jelena Zenko Milović Enveloped Ayesha Singh Enveloped Untitled Lucija Šutej Untitled Landscape, Monument, Place – A reflection on memory places in Socialist Yugoslavia Vida Rucli Landscape, Monument, Place – A reflection on memory places in Socialist Yugoslavia fl0whertz Nataša Kekanović fl0whertz Wunderweltraum Ana Helena Arévalo Wunderweltraum ChrisTupper Photography in the fourth dimension Rafa Yuste Photography in the fourth dimension

Images (above): Santiago Rodriguez, Giovanna Del Sarto, Märta Terne, Lina Velandia, Janja Šušnjar, Jeremy Geddes, (Ab)normal, Nisha Sondhe, Ayesha Singh, Lucija Šutej, Vida Rucli, Nataša Kekanović, Ana Helena Arévalo, ChrisTupper, Rafa Yuste


With thanks

Alison Green, Rebecca Ross, Stephen Barrett, Nick Kimberly, Arthur Stitt, Michael Ainscough, Michel Bonet, Meher Dhingra Soni, Sarah Dutton, Paul Kelly, Charles B Smith and anonymous donors