Unknown Quantities
Edition 7

From the Editors

There’s something rigidly predictable about publications. Magazines, books, journals and newspapers are fixed in form and concept, whether because of the superintended curation of content or the unalterable form of bound pages.

How do we subvert this? Driven by this enquiry and inspired by the notion of fluidity in all its iterations – fluidity of process, of identity, of thought, of motive – we present *Unknown Quantities 7*, a publication that expands the solid realms of publishing itself, through a conceptual model and an eclectic collection of works and articles.


Lily Abram Ayaba Arówólò Ioli Athanasopoulou Francesco Cordola Francesca Forty Johanna Hammer Sean Kinson Aylea Skye


The Non-Essayas Anarchic Toolbox Ana Helena Arévalo Multiflora Rachael Allen the body bilingual/ three poems Sean Kinson Segmentation Fault: an infinite Set of Questions Jesse T Coburn Segmentation Fault: an infinite Set of Questions Fluidity of a Method Process Studio in a Google Doc chat Johanna Hammer Fluidity of a Method Makeready A Mattson Gallagher in conversation with Francesca Forty Makeready Imagined Spaces Tita Marr Imagined Spaces Healing Waters Ayaba Arówólò Healing Waters Ding an sich Federico Federici Ding an sich Diagram Poems Matthew Kay Diagram Poems 537 Scraps of Paper Shelby Guergis 537 Scraps of Paper Slanted House Collective Slanted House in an interview with UQ Slanted House Collective Froth Dom Kesterton Board Game Cut Ups Studio Moniker Board Game Cut Ups

Images (above): Process Studio, A Mattson Gallagher, Studio Moniker, Shelby Guergis, Matthew Kay, Federico Federici, Tita Marr, Ayaba Arówólò, Elias Hanzer


With thanks

Alison Green, Rebecca Ross, Stephen Barrett, Nick Kimberley, Lucy Maria, Michael Stevens, Ander Cia, Shay Rickles-McGreal, Margaret Sweeney